In a changing world – change to Hettich

In a changing world – change to Hettich

Desk support frames that move up and down? Nothing new. So why change to Hettich? Quite simply: Because Steelforce can offer you far more


Take advantage of our "office" expertise!

We at Hettich can draw on decades of experience in the "Office" segment and, even today, are looking to the future for you. To this end, we are focusing close attention on tomorrow's big trends. What will tomorrow's office look like? And how will we structure our workplaces in the future? Hettich thinks ahead and, over and again, offers you new, technically superior solutions that give you precisely what it takes to gear your furniture to your customers' wishes.

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We are Hettich

Hettich – Technik für Möbel: founded in 1888, Hettich today is one of the world's largest and most successful manufacturers of furniture fittings. We create the perfect combination of intelligent technology, multifunctionality, ergonomics, convenience and design for all furniture worlds. This makes us a valuable partner to the furniture industry, retail and the trades, inspiring many people across the globe every day. 

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The "New Work" megatrend is rapidly changing how we live and work

The classic open plan office as the reference for the working world is yesterday.The new office life we are seeing is dynamic! That's why the working environment has to adapt quickly to users' changing needs. It is for this reason that office concepts must be rethought: for example, functions are required that permit flexible project work with changing teams. And, of course, attractive designs in which employees feel at ease. Or intelligent convenience that takes the effort out of everyday work processes. 

Added to this, more and more people are regularly working from home. And they all now need convenient yet affordable furniture solutions for their personal home life situation. If you can offer them this now, you have a distinct advantage.

How sustainable is Hettich?

Hettich is a family owned company with a history spanning over 130 years. We think in terms of generations and take care to combine business success with our responsibility for the environment and society on a "sustainable" basis.


This is why we have always developed long lasting product solutions that not only meet the most exacting demands on quality and safety but also on environmental compatibility and energy efficiency. And we consistently invest in safe, environmentally friendly and resource conserving technologies and processes in our production activities as well as in our infrastructure and logistics.

At Hettich, we are always delighted to hear from anyone we can get interested in more sustainability.

Here are just a few examples of sustainability at Hettich: